Created to inspire and motivate you to change the way you work, not just give you the morning off.

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Training, but not as you know it.

All my training is a combination of workshops and coaching, my goal is to provide training for senior product leaders that results in real changes to the way you work.

"Tokes' workshop series ‘Increasing Your Impact’ is jam packed with proven methods for improving your product game and is delivered in a fun and friendly environment."

Liam O'Neill
Product & Innovation Manager, Vital

"I thoroughly enjoyed this interactive workshop series! It was a great mixture of concepts, activities and discussions that challenged my thinking and helped to improve my skills as a Product Manager"

Kat Williams
Product Manager, Marsello



A 4 hour interactive workshop packed with practical advice, tools and techniques to help you become a more impactful Product Manager. At the end of the workshop you will choose one aspect of the workshop to incorporate into your work.


1.5 hour individual coaching session with me to support you with your chosen activity and/or anything else on your mind.


A 2 hour facilitated workshop where we re-group, share progress on activities and compare experiences.


Increasing Your Impact

$1500 + GST

This course is aimed at senior product leaders who are looking to further increase their impact, especially as their roles scale beyond the more operational aspects of working with a product team (we won't be talking agile, user stories, scrum or any of that jazz). It's packed with practical advise and backed by over 15 years experience leading technical and product teams. We'll cover critical leadership concepts and practices around storytelling, strategy, prioritisation and roadmapping.

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Leading the Leaders

$1800 + GST

Designed for CPO, VP Product, Head of Product people who are responsible for managing a team of other product leaders (often PMs, POs). You're spending less time in the trenches and more time thinking about and communicating the big picture. We'll cover key core aspects of your role including scaling your team, product strategy, professional development of your team, stakeholder management and how to engage with non-product leaders in your company.

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